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Access Control Systems

With an electronic access control system, your business can easily manage and have full control over the movement of employees, vendors and guests. You have the ability to track when employees come and go, and who accessed an area during a given period of time. Card Access systems eliminate the need to issues each employee keys to the areas he/she requires access too saving you dollars and labor. Also if a master key were lost by an employee it could cost your business tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of labor hours changing all your locks and reissuing keys. When an employee looses an Access Card you simply disable the card and reissue a new one, the old card will no longer work give access to your secured areas. Cards can also be issued to routine vendors to give them access to areas of needed and free up an employee who would normally have to escort them to open the doors with keys. You also have the ability to extend your electronic access control to multiple locations, so an employee would only require one access card to access any of your properties. Rock Valley Alarm can add keypads, smart card readers, biometric readers along with proximity card readers to these systems. You can also incorporate portrait badgeing into the card access system, so an employeeís badge also serves as there access card. Rock Valley Alarms Card Access System can be intergraded into our Video Surveillance System.

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