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Video Surveillance (CCTV)

Be aware of what is happening at your business when you are not there to see firsthand, even if you are ten-thousand miles away. You can view your live and recorded video via the internet and even on most smart phones. Your business is vulnerable if you do not have the ability to know what is going on when youíre away. A commercial video surveillance system can help solve a criminal case of robbery, vandalism, theft and burglary; it can also protect your assets from a liability claim that is fraudulent. Video surveillance systems can deter theft, and keep your employees from slacking off if they know they can be watched 24/7. For larger businessís we can install a local monitoring system where your security personnel can better protect your property. Rock Valley Alarm has many different recording solutions and can store video and audio for as long as needed. Once we complete an assessment of your needs, the system will be sized to meet your demands. We are able to incorporate your existing cameras into a new state of the art system. Solutions are offered that include Infrared Night Vision, Thermal Imaging, Video Analytics and Video Verification that is integrated with our Access Control system.

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